Be the first to gain access to the property by playing this board game

“They sacked the Banque de France, this time it screwed up, uh, screwed up”; “Rates are going up, it’s hell to buy right now”or “The tax fix you ‘forgot’ to declare on your aunt’s inheritance”. In the board game Achat Perché, launched by digital home loan broker Pretto, anything will put obstacles in the way of other players and prevent them from becoming the owner before you.

Few board games rely on real estate. The most famous is of course Monopoly, where you can even become the owner of a hotel. The card game Achat Perché allows you to slip into the shoes of a buyer with the goal of being the first to get to the property. More than one in two French people believe that buying a property is an obstacle course, according to a study carried out by Respondi for Pretto in February 2022. The game offers the opportunity to deconstruct preconceived ideas about the purchase project, the source of many questions and sometimes anxiety”This game has a calming educational value that allows you to escape from the anxiety-inducing pages. Someone who wants to buy or who has already bought will find himself in these cards that show how the loan works. 2023 has been complicated and to realize we can borrow 30% less than 12 months ago is anxiety-inducing. Achat Perché will make you realize that the mechanics of buying a property are not that complicated.», explains Philippe Mineur, Marketing Director of Pretto, who led the Achat Perché project, in the company Figaro. And according to him, the game remains an excellent mechanism for understanding such a vast subject, which can sometimes be daunting.

Increase your personal contribution with booster cards

“Hardware” cards slow down your shopping project, such as “Too late, banks have reached their quota of subsidized loans for the year” which cancels the player’s Assisted Borrow card the moment they place it, or the “It’s Compromised” card where the seller goes back on their promise to sell. You may also experience bed bug infestations. “People who will have to spend money and dip into their allowance to get rid of bed bugs», explains Pretto’s marketing director. Rest assured that there are not only “problem” cards to hinder your opponents, but also “support” cards to speed up your shopping project. The “Winning Loto” card increases your personal contribution by €30,000, as does the “Merci Tatie” card, which allows you to receive an inheritance. The “Long Live the Bride and Groom” card doubles your income. As for the “Farewell colander” card, this is a helping hand from the state that will increase your energy renovation budget by 20,000 euros.

View of the board game Achat Perché and cards. Photo credit: Pretto

Specifically, how to play? The game is played by 2 to 5 people for 15 to 30 minutes. Who starts drawing the card? The player who has spoken to his banker more recently than the others has the privilege of opening the ball. He randomly pulls out a “property purchase project” card and places it visibly in front of him. Among the possible projects to buy: a maid’s room with a view of the Eiffel Tower, an exorcism house or an off-plan troglodyte house. Each player then receives 5 cards and the rest of the cards make up the draw deck. You need to save, find a job (among the most original ones: a freelance yoga guru or a crime scene cleaner) and find the right loan offer. “We didn’t want to give too classic job cards where there could be value judgments about salary“, explains Philippe Mineur. Once you have accumulated the income and contribution amounts listed on your Purchase Project card, you must place the “Loan Offer to Win” card. The first copies of the game have been distributed as a demo to some Pretto customers and the game will be available online on the Pretto website from late January to early February for €8.90. Ready Steady Go!

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