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At the age of 5, Léana Covarel, director and founder of BEVEL Immobilier, picked up the phone and said: “Hello, what is this for? “. The agency was born from a common passion between a father and his daughter. “My father taught me things that are not taught in schools. Real estate represents everything I am and what I want to do in my life. It is an area that combines human and business page. I always knew what I wanted,” she explains. With such determination, after business school at just 23 years old, she opened a BTS in real estate to obtain her T card, in 2021 her first real estate office in Savoy in Saint-Jean de Maurienne. ” BEVEL real estate is a family business because my husband also joined in the adventure. BEVEL is a combination of our two names.”


The agency decided to specialize only in so-called classic, but also high-end real estate transactions. “We see all types of properties, each with its own special character, from a barn in Savoie to a luxury villa in Saint-Tropez.” His ability to adapt is one of his strengths. “Every day we receive clients with very different expectations and budgets. Although the parent agency is based in Savoy, we work a lot in the resorts, especially in the Sybelles area, but also in the Bay of Saint-Tropez and in Lyon. These sectors meet. Our southern clients appreciate having a second home in Savoy and vice versa. Lyonnais is only 2 hours from the resorts of Savoy.” For this, BEVEL Immobilier relies on an efficient and complementary team. “My colleague is calm and patient, while I am rather quick. Our customers can choose who they want to communicate with” (smile).


BEVEL Immobilier puts human relationships at the center of its interests. “I find it wonderful and rewarding to contribute to new life projects, whatever they may be. From the first exchange with the client to the signing of the authentic deed, we want to monitor the management of the file in its entirety.” BEVEL Immobilier bets on contemporary, cutting-edge communication tools: social networks, virtual tours, the use of drones. “The drone enables a unique virtual tour and a unique and attractive presentation. Our customers from all over France and abroad can get a concrete idea of ​​the property and its surroundings. It adds value to our agency.”


“Open our doors and build your future,” is the agency’s slogan. For a responsible person, every action you take today will determine what your life will be like and who you will be tomorrow. “Being well supported and surrounded on a daily basis is key, that’s why we’re here. Who I am reflects BEVEL, a loyal, uncompromising, determined, humane, humble and visionary business leader. Each support is a path to be taken, which represents these values ​​and is the culmination of a life project,” concludes Léana.

In addition to the detailed knowledge associated with this profession, BEVEL Immobilier presents itself as a decidedly visionary agency. All you have to do is open his door!

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