BFM Business Chronicles – Cafedela Stock market end of 2023

Café de la Bourse continues its interventions at the end of 2023. Find our columns presented by the Café de la Bourse team in the BFM Bourse show by Guillaume Sommerer, the opportunity to discover our stock market and investment deciphering, extended practical advice and stock selection.

The last Café de la Bourse column of 2023 took place on Friday 24 November at 15:50 on BFM Business, available online and on your TV on channel 31 on SFR, channel 228 on Orange, channel 242 on Bouygues, channel 347 on Free, channel 171 on Canal and channel 51 on Fransat.

PEA or securities account to invest in the stock market? The match PEA vs. CTO, explained by Louis Yang on the BFM Bourse show on November 24, 2023

On the November 24, 2023 BFM Bourse program, Louis Yang, co-founder of Café de la Bourse, revisited the two star investment envelopes in the stock market: the PEA and the securities account, or CTO. Find out the benefits and limits of each envelope, as well as the investor profiles they target and the alternatives that might appeal to you for equity market placement, such as basic life insurance.

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What investment strategy to use with ETFs presented by Louis Yang at the BFM Bourse show on September 1, 2023

Bfm business column louis yang back to school 2023

On Friday, September 1, 2023, Louis Yang, co-founder of Café de la Bourse, addressed the issue of implementing an investment strategy through ETFs at the BFM Business set. He first went through the specifics of investing in trackers and the criteria for choosing a tracker, before introducing the different investment strategies possible with ETFs: value, growth, low volatility, etc.

He then discussed with Guillaume Sommerer two options to consider in the current context: thematic investments, a prosperous type of management; and a dividend strategy, driven by record amounts of dividends paid in 2023; then revealed some popular future themes.

Finally, Louis Yang provided some advice on how to properly manage your ETF investments and control risk.

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