“Bring back Antonela”, Papu Gomez slipped into Argentina’s dressing room, journalist says

First it emerged that Alejandro ”Papu” Gomez performed witchcraft on his teammate Giovani Lo Celso, which allegedly caused the player’s injury, leaving Papu a place in the squad.Scaloni during the last World Cup in Qatar. The Argentina world champion then tested positive in a test in Seville and was banned for two years, curtailing the rest of his professional career as he turns 35. but today, we learn about a new scandal that took place during the last World Cup.

Papu had inappropriate words for Antonella Roccuzzova, Lionel Messi’s wife. He slipped and put his teammates behind him. We should never see him again with the Albiceleste or even during Argentina’s third title celebrations.

Unhealthy remarks towards Messi’s wife

When the show last aired Latebroadcast by América TV in Argentina, The journalist of the show assured that Alejandro had a problem with Lionel Messi, in which Antonela Roccuzzo is involved.

He said:”This gentleman is a nasty character. In the dressing room, I don’t know exactly which match, I thought it was against the Netherlands. Everyone is happy because it’s qualifying, everyone in the dressing room starts singing and Papu breaks down: ‘Bring back Antonela!’…Imagine Messi’s eyes …There was a festive atmosphere, but it crossed the line”.

We all know what the content of these words means. But even if there was joy, we cannot accept everything. Today, the players would not want to see Gomez a most unfollowed him on social media.

Internet users react

On social networks, Netizens have commented en masse on this information regarding Papu Gomez, Lionel Messi, Antonella Roccuzzo and somehow the entire Argentina squad. On the website we could read:

  • ”Lol I was told he said cut lol and not Antonela no I’m kidding…”
  • ”The guy is banned for life…”
  • ”Messi is the captain, coach and president of the Argentine Football Federation Football as well as a country or even a continent, Papu is looking for a house in Spain, I’m told ptdr…”
  • ”You do this to Messi, it’s clear your career is over…”
  • ”But this guy is crazy, doping, witchcraft, he doesn’t think, he has a head at the same time…”

This week, Antonella Roccuzzo made a lot of noise by publishing an Instagram post commemorating Argentina’s world title. ”A year ago. Happy December 18th to all Argentinians”, she wrote in the caption. She definitely didn’t wish this on Papa…



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