Call for a strike by city police officers for Christmas and New Year

A municipal policeman, January 21, 2020 in Plougastel-Daoulas, in Finistère (1O350C) (Fred TANNEAU / AFP/Archives)

A collective of “angry city police officers” and several unions are calling for city police officers to strike on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, as well as on January 1, to demand, in particular, better pay conditions.

“In 40 years without social compensation, we have seen a significant increase in the skills of city police officers. We say stop!” explained Sunday David Quevilly, a police officer of the city of Toulouse and vice-president of the National Federation of City Police Officers of France (FNPMF, created in March), contacted AFP.

“If you do not increase our salaries and pensions, you will no longer be able to count on the city police,” he pointed out.

This strike call “is observed by about 25%, but in a very varied way: in Draguignan (Var) it is 100% of the strikers announced on the 31st and 50% on the 24th, in Paris it is very well observed as in the north of France”, he specified FNPMF President Thierry Colomar.

In addition to the strike planned for December 24 and 31, the collective has announced a rally in front of regional prefectures in the territory for Saturday, February 3.

“We can go further if necessary with regard to the hosting of the Olympic Games in Paris (July 26 – August 11, editor’s note). The municipal police in Paris and Ile-de-France will not participate in the security of these Olympic Games unless it would be about the fact that it could be the Olympics.” meanwhile, we have not received our social component in full”, threatened Mr Quevilly.

In particular, these city police officers are against the change in the calculation of their compensation plan, which in their opinion would be less favorable for them, and against not taking into account the monthly compensation in the calculation of their retirement pension.

The New Year’s Eve strike comes after an “alleged strike” that has been ongoing since November.

“It is followed by about 45% of the city’s police officers who no longer issue fines, except in dangerous cases such as drink-driving, running a red light… but no longer for improper parking,” explained Thierry Colomar. that it was “a loss of almost 30% of the fines, which represents several million euros in the state coffers”.

The move followed an announcement by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borneo to offer new privileges to the city’s police, but “without social compensation”, according to the union.

The collective demands, in particular, that bonuses be taken into account when calculating the pension and better career progression.

According to the National Federation of Municipal Police Officers of France (FNPMF), the number of territorial civil servants recruited through the competition of mayors and municipal police officers has doubled in twenty years and today stands at almost 26,000 agents, approximately 60% of whom are armed.

The primary mission of city police officers is to ensure the proper execution of the mayor’s police orders (public health, security of buildings, safety of residents and property, etc.). They are autonomous when it comes to misdemeanors, but must report misdemeanors and crimes they notice to their superiors.

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