Coinhouse unveils its new competitive rates to make cryptocurrency investing accessible to all investors

Coinhouse dévoile ses nouveaux tarifs compétitifs pour ouvrir l

A few weeks after launching its Euro account, Coinhouse, a major French cryptocurrency player, is announcing a significant reduction in its fees to make crypto investing more affordable and for all portfolios. Coinhouse, number 1 in customer satisfaction (source Trustpilot) and the first French crypto company to obtain registration as a digital asset service provider … Read more

Bitcoin ETF: Its Quick Approval, a ‘Political Necessity’ for the SEC?

Bitcoin ETF: SEC Can't Respond Today?

January 10th is the deadline to decide on the Bitcoin Spot ETF. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission must decide the fate of these new financial instruments well in advance of this period. For investment bank TD Cowen, respecting this deadline is like “ political necessity “. Bitcoin ETF, Green Until January 10th? Journalist … Read more

Bitcoin Crossed $50,000 This Week! Matrixport puts us at ease

Bitcoin Crossed $50,000 This Week!  Matrixport puts us at ease

While Bitcoin is currently hovering in the $45,000 zone, some influential players in the crypto market are particularly bullish on developments in the coming weeks. This is especially the case with Matrixport, a leading investment firm, which just released a note that is optimistic, to say the least. Let’s take a closer look at the … Read more

These cryptocurrencies that took advantage of Bitcoin’s rise to create new ATHs

Ces cryptomonnaies qui ont profité de la hausse du Bitcoin pour faire de nouveaux ATH

Since January 1st, the cryptocurrency market has experienced a sharp rise: Bitcoin surpassed $45,000 and 3 cryptocurrencies stood out in particular by reaching new all-time highs: Optimism (OP), Arbitrum (ARB) and Ordi (ORDI). These cryptocurrencies that stand out from the crowd Since the beginning of 2024, Bitcoin has its price an increase of … Read more

Solana overtakes Ethereum in Google searches and Pullix emerges as the next big thing in crypto

Solana dépasse Ethereum dans les recherches Google et Pullix s’impose comme la prochaine grande nouveauté crypto

Ethereum has become the most famous cryptocurrency after Bitcoin thanks to its launch of smart contracts. However, the recent buzz around Solan has allowed it to overtake Ethereum when it comes to Google searches. While these two leading altcoins battle it out, Pullix (PLX) has gained significant momentum recently. Solana (SOL) overtakes Ethereum (ETH) in … Read more

Ethereum dominates Bitcoin again: holder confidence is at its zenith!

Ethereum dominates Bitcoin again: holder confidence is at its zenith!

For the second time in crypto history, Ethereum (ETH) just surpassed Bitcoin (BTC) in percentage of long-term holders. This major step demonstrates the growing confidence of investors in the future of the Ethereum network. Let’s look at the reasons behind this promising development. Ethereum holders are more loyal than Bitcoin holders This new dominance of … Read more

Crypto: Cramer’s pessimistic forecast, despite the bull market!

Crypto: Cramer's pessimistic forecast, despite the bull market!

Jim Cramer, an emblematic figure of the financial world, waves again with a pessimistic prediction for cryptocurrencies in 2024. Known for his sharp analysis, he expects a difficult path for the crypto sector. However, this position is in stark contrast to current market trends. Cramer’s Persistent Pessimism for Cryptocurrencies Known for his Mad Money show … Read more

Google Bard’s Predictions for the Three Major DeFi Cryptocurrencies in Q1 2024: THORChain, Meme Moguls, and Celestia

Les prédictions de Google Bard pour les trois principales cryptos DeFi au 1er trimestre 2024 : THORChain, Meme Moguls et Celestia

The year 2024 has just begun and investors are now scouring the crypto space for the best coins to buy. Google Bard, an AI chatbot, has picked three cryptocurrencies from the DeFi sector, THORChain, Meme Moguls and Celestia, that are likely to see massive gains during the first quarter of 2024. THORChain (RUNE) Prediction THORChain … Read more

NFT: Solana overtakes giant Ethereum

Airdrop Drift on Solana: How to position yourself to benefit from it?

It is from the end of 2023 The Solana network is on the rise. Indeed, after distributing a few airborne troops activity on the network exploded. That Solana overtakes Ethereum for the first time in the NFT space. Solana overtakes Ethereum on NFTs At the end of 2021 blockchain Solana is in the spotlight in … Read more