Pension funds believe in responsible investing, according to the report

Pension funds believe in responsible investing, according to the report

Poor market performance last year affected a wide range of investment strategies and ESG was no exception. However, this underperformance is viewed by pension funds as a temporary setback and not a permanent trend. According to a study published by CREATE-Research and Amundi, a leading European asset manager, responsible investment remains essential to creating long-term … Read more

A new investment agenda is needed in Latin America and the Caribbean to support growth, job creation and sustainable development

In the vibrant tapestry of Latin America and the Caribbean, a call for change echoes—a call for a fresh investment agenda that not only fosters growth but also champions job creation and sustainable development. This clarion call is encapsulated in the Latin American Economic Outlook 2023, unveiled today in Santiago de Chile at the United … Read more

How to directly invest in the energy transition


In the aftermath of COP28, which concluded on December 13 in Dubai, a historic milestone was etched into the global commitment to combat climate change. For the first time in its history, the COP agreement explicitly stated a “transition towards the abandonment of fossil fuels.” Unlike previous COPs that set targets for “reducing greenhouse gas … Read more

Claude Pompidou Foundation: Thanks to you we can act – Forbes France

Claude Pompidou Foundation: Thanks to you we can act - Forbes France

In the vast tapestry of philanthropy, certain organizations stand out for their unwavering commitment to the welfare of the most vulnerable in society. The Claude Pompidou Foundation is one such beacon, shining brightly in its dedication to supporting individuals weakened by disability and old age. In an exclusive interview with Forbes France, the Foundation shares … Read more

Hall of shame: ten controversial figures who appeared in America’s 30 under 30 list – Forbes France

30 Under 30

Many of the people who made the 30 under 30 list have gone on to become tech titans, CEOs and even billionaires. However, others have been less successful and for some that is an understatement. From Sam Bankman-Fried to Martin Shkreli to Nate Paul, here are ten controversial figures who are or were on the … Read more

Why 2024 will be the year your budget finally breathes: here’s the financial help you can expect!

Aide financière pour familles, billets d'euros en main.

Although the financial horizon may seem bleak, 2024 is shaping up to be a new dawn for a large number of French people. Indeed, the signals are green for a significant improvement in social assistance. Imagine a little more freedom in your budget, a little more air to breathe in the face of everyday economic … Read more

Tips for optimizing a home loan

Consultation immobilière, achat de maison en discussion.

Do you want to reinvent your living space while keeping your budget under control? Your dream home is no longer a dream with prudent financial strategies, personalized decorative features, the creation of a soothing green space, affordable DIY improvements and solutions for better energy efficiency. Discover tips that will change not only your home, but … Read more

Financial shock: explaining the euphoria of life insurance profits in 2023

Protection finances famille, maison et voiture.

Imagine starting the year with exciting news, something that will make savers’ eyes sparkle and awaken financial ambition. Behind the scenes of your personal finances, a discreet but constant player could prove to be the hero of 2023. Yes, it is indeed your life insurance that this time promises news that could spark growing interest. … Read more

Super League: despite the CJEU decision, the project has problems with the rally clubs – Forbes France

Super League

A historic ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has reignited speculation about a Super League, but this new attempt to create a new league bringing together Europe’s best teams quickly ran into huge obstacles. Most of the teams that were originally expected to participate in the competition rejected the project. … Read more