Don’t miss the 2023 energy audit deadline

In a climate where every euro counts, the specter of the energy crisis looms large and weighs heavily on the shoulders of the French. As energy prices soar and push many households into the throes of uncertainty, one financial aid stands out like a beacon in the storm: energy control. But this crucial advantage has an expiration date and the clock is ticking. So many households could benefit from this support if they took action before the fateful deadline. Here’s why and how to use your energy audit without delay.

The critical context of energy prices

Faced with an unprecedented increase in energy costs in 2023, many French people are struggling to keep their heads above water. Upheavals in global energy markets and geopolitical tensions are increasing pressure on household budgets, making energy controls more important than ever.

Energy control as financial support

Energy Check is a scheme created by the government to help the lowest income households pay their electricity, gas or other energy bills. In 2023, this help will prove to be a life-saving measure for the lowest income households.

The impact of energy control: key figures

  • Number of recipient households: approximately 5.8 million
  • Average amount of energy control: between 48 and 277 euros, depending on income and household composition

You can check your eligibility and estimate the amount of your aid on the official simulator accessible via the website

Note the deadline: March 31, 2024

It is important to note that the energy audit must be carried out before the exact date. For holders of the 2023 energy check, the deadline is set at March 31, 2024. After this date, funds will be irretrievably lost.

How to use Energy Check

You can use energy control in several ways:

How to use Instruction
Online Go to the energy audit portal and follow the instructions to credit your account.
By email Send an energy audit to your supplier with your personal details.
Direct from the supplier Present the energy check when paying the invoice at the agency.

Conclusion: A vital call to action

The deadline to use your 2023 energy audit is approaching. It is imperative that we take the necessary steps now to avoid losing valuable financial aid in the fight against the energy crisis. This article is meant to be an urgent reminder for every recipient to exercise their right and reduce the burden on their energy bills.

Please share this important information with those around you and, if necessary, visit our site for more information and practical advice on how to best manage this government assistance.

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