Energy renovation: this family reduced its consumption by 76%, they testify

The script borders on perfection. Martin Pesme, a carpenter, wants to acquire a large house with a garden in Orléans. In December 2022, he and his wife headed to the 156 square meter plot: “We definitely wanted to get a heat strainer to be able to negotiate the price as much as possible before we do our own work”, he says. His offer is accepted, and he becomes the owner of a property whose energy performance (DPE) diagnosis is rated F, one of the worst possible grades.

Since he plans to make this house his main residence, and since he has just become a father for the third time, Martin is committed to improving the comfort of his house as much as possible before moving in: “We took 6 months to renovate everything. As we planned it well, all the projects were completed in less than 3 months, in March 2023., recalls the 31-year-old man. At the end of the job, his house now has a B rating and the house’s energy consumption has been reduced by 76%.


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To achieve such success, the family called in energy renovation specialist Hellia to oversee the project. “We immediately asked him for itE carry out an energy audit and move to the most ambitious work scenario”, points out Tanguy Dupont, director of the collective housing division at Hellio. The second audit, this time carried out by the Soliha association, made it possible to confirm the trajectory started.

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Energy renovation for 57,000 euros…

After that, construction work begins and three types of renovations begin. First, the insulation of the walls from the outside, a colossal job that will cost the family 32,000 euros. Next comes the replacement of the old oil boiler with an air/water heat pump, the purchase price of which reaches 16,000 euros. Not forgetting that 6,000 euros were spent on the installation of double-glazed windows on the ground floor. After taking into account the smallest expenses – energy audits, attic insulation, installation of controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC) and thermostatic valves – the total bill reaches 57,000 euros.


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Property, you say? This would not include support for energy renovation. Martin benefited from Energy Savings Certificates (EEC), a private subsidy offered by Hellio, when signing the price offer. Thus, 25,000 euros were deducted directly from the bill for wall insulation.

… subsidized 74%

The state also plays its role. Through the MaPrimeRénov’ Sérénité program, public support reserved for renovations leading to an energy gain of at least 35%, the household earned an additional 14,500 euros at the end of the work. The icing on the cake: the insulation of the walls and attic alone made it possible to reach this limit of 35%. This allowed Martin to apply for a new MaPrimeRénov grant of 4,400 euros to install his heat pump. The amount he got again after work.


MaPrimeRénov’: what aid will you be entitled to in 2024 depending on your income?

Cumulatively, these subsidies allow our family to cover the remaining costs of only 15,000 euros, i.e. only 26% of the cost of the work. “We would not have been able to carry out our renovation project without this help. admits Martin. People should not be afraid to start, especially if the work is supervised by an expert in energy renovations.’

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