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Annual renewal, a real challenge for some! There’s no time for procrastination in this final stretch before Christmas Day… Forbes found two gift ideas that are sure to please!


A box to increase the pleasure tenfold and immortalize your Christmas 2023. Maison Courrèges shines with a trio of dazzling perfumes presented in a case designed for big evenings. This gift will please the most discerning of us who attach the same importance to an accessory as to its heritage, its codes and its olfactory imprint. Following in the footsteps of fashion designer and perfumer André Courrèges, artistic director Nicolas Di Felice perpetuates the vision of a guardian genius. Dare materials, cuts, colors and don’t be afraid to interfere! Hyper Courrèges is available in fragrances with notes of musk, oud and leather, all designed to blur the lines… The brand plays with contrasts because it likes to dress the bourgeoisie in sexy outfits.

© Courrèges

Thus the wakes collide and create a tension between hot and cold; gentle and powerful. Hyper Musc stands out with its peppermint-based freshness enveloped in an ambroxan base; At first glance, Hyper Oud is an inner journey with oriental and spicy aromas that are balanced by a frosty aspect; Hyper Cuir combines Saffiano leather with the essence of lemon, brightened by the freshness of jasmine. This polymorphous perfume is lively as a first touch and is warmed by the last whiff of vanilla, the signature scent of the Courrèges style. Three signature juices encased in silvery, refined, spherical bottles.

These vaporizers are mirrors where the reflected image is reversed, inviting us to nourish the world with new light. At the dawn of 2024, this gift will be a good travel companion.

Solar company

In addition to beauty and rarity, Sun Society jewelry shines with its boldness, its glam’rock and elegant style. Spotted by Le Bon Marché, young designer Lehna Bensid thought her creations would only appeal to twenty-somethings. During the collaboration with the department store, she discovered that her pieces appeal to women in their forties as active women on all fronts, or even fashionistas from all countries, just like bobo. Her hypoallergenic jewelry, made from sustainable metals using a transparent approach, adds to the excitement surrounding this committed brand.

So for Christmas, we offer much more than just a symbol, but also values. There are a lot of earrings in the Sun Society universe. A sufficient accessory to enhance the appearance.

© Sun Society

Must-haves include the Avalon clip, the Doli, the Doli hoop, a range of fake piercings and minimalist rings for layering. Without having to leave your sofa, you can fill your Christmas basket on the brand’s website. We also allow the lucky recipient to take ownership of the brand’s history by joining the real Sun Society community. As a container for ideas, the enthusiast is invited to comment on the creative process by answering a co-creation questionnaire twice a year. The customer is consulted from the verification of certain designs (such as the choice of fasteners) to contributing to important technical decisions. A great definition of inclusivity. A gift that makes sense and is definitely in keeping with the times.

© Sun Society

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