Generative artificial intelligence: Apple is preparing a big revolution!

Democratizing artificial intelligence through its smartphones is one of Apple’s recent goals. This certainly does not agree with the perception of AI by some of the founders of this technological giant, but the reality forces them to adjust their position. Therefore, we are not surprised to learn that the Apple brand plans to increase the RAM of its devices to connect with ChatGPT-4 and others.

Apple wants to create generative artificial intelligence systems

at Apple, no employee is authorized to use artificial intelligence of the ChatGPT type. The reason? These programs could affect technological security American multinational companies. The risk of leaking sensitive data is very high indeed.

However, a few days before the release of this note, Apple’s number one, Tim Cook, announced AI deployment signed by Appleas well as integrating similar technologies into their products.

Latest news: Apple is in interviews with media companies to use their content develop your own generative AIpeople familiar with the proceedings said. »

When Apple saw this tweet, it called on press publishers to deploy a new cutting-edge technology product, generative artificial intelligence. The company offered, according to The New Times multi-year contracts worth approximately $50 million in the following situations” train their generative artificial intelligence systems on articles in publishers’ press “.

Negotiations took place for several weeks with the aim of obtaining a permission to use archives under license from Condé Nast (Vogue, New Yorker, NBC News…), IAC (People, The Daily Beast, Better Homes and Gardens), etc.

If these print publishers accept this opening, Apple could finally deploy its artificial intelligence technology called “neural networks.” The latter has the ability to use multiple photos and digital texts for pattern recognition. This process will allow the computer to recognize the cat.

Very powerful smartphones soon

Still in this desire to conquer the generative artificial intelligence market, Cryptopolitan highlighted that Apple researchers are currently working on project to improve the performance of your smartphones. Knowing RAM needed from Large Language Models (LLM), which makes chatbots like ChatGPT – knowing that GPT-4 requires 1.7 trillion parameters, developed Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. This device puts up to 10 billion parameters into FAT.

For Google’s Pixel 8 Pro smartphones, the Gemini Nano looks like a better answer to the demands of generative AI LLMs.

It was necessary for Apple to develop it a new approach to bypassing these RAM limits and this need for computing power. Its researchers instead opted for a method that supplements the iPhone 15’s on-board system RAM with 8GB of RAM via flash storage. It combines two functions: “window” (allowing the reuse of already processed and stored used data) and “row and column grouping” (for optimal organization of LLM data.

Apple, whose co-founder Steve Wozniak rejects artificial intelligence, simply does not intend to give way to its competitors.

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