‘Horrible insults’, Laure Boulleau confides about the attacks she suffered online

Ligue 1 players like players from various European championships in a few hours (except Premier League) they rest for a few days, year-end celebrations oblige. As for the French Championship, the 18th will take place during the second week of January 2024. Before that, Paris Saint-Germain will host Toulouse for the Champions Trophy on January 3, before the Coupe de France for elite clubs begins. If players will go to exotic destinations or stay quietly in their country of origin with their families, the same applies to journalists and consultants.

During this slow period, the former PSG and Les Bleues player turned consultant for Canal+ Laure Boulleau spoke her truths on the podcast. Insults received, baby to come… Anything goes.

”People Who Want You Dead”

For the podcast Ptitdeliretv, Laure Boulleau has returned to the insults she received when she became famous. ”Apparently, the more famous I became, the more horrible insults I received. People who want you dead. It is actually lunar. They put things together, but they actually feel like they can do it freely That”.

This topic is close to her heart and she wants to fight this scourge:

EA Sports FC 24 game

Former professional player recently the voice of the video game EA Sports FC 24 :”When I recorded my voice in the game, I knew the impact it would have on young people, especially this positive aspect of diversity that I experience every day.”, she said for the program, which will soon be available on YouTube.


Laure Boulleau will soon be the mother of her first child. Laure Boulleau, who was present on Canal+ for the Newcastle v PSG match during Day 2 of the Champions League group stage, announced live that she was expecting a happy event. She recently received a lot of criticism for shopping for her baby-to-be because she only bought Nike clothes.

For Ptitdeliretv, made it clear that she would like to become a mother sooner, but that her many projects (consultant for Channel Football Club and Channel Champions Club but also his 24 Hours Boulleau) takes up a lot of her time, and because she loves what she does, she hopes to live up to this huge responsibility. Despite her fears of becoming a mother, Laure Boulleau wishes she could juggle her role as a mother while continuing to pursue her passion. We should see her again in January before what is sure to be a little maternity break.



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