Housing: why the crisis threatens to worsen

The tone is rising in the professional housing sector. The Housing Alliance, which brings together ten trade unions in the sector, from construction to architects, including developers and housebuilders, as well as estate agents and managers, condemns “incomprehensible abandonment” causes. The minister in charge of the scrap file, who knows his values ​​and his determination, first demonstrated in his metropolis of Dunkirk, cannot doubt that he is waging bitter battles within the executive itself. The last statement of the federation in front of this sector, the National Building Federation, through the voice of its president Olivier Salleron, makes people tremble: 150,000 job cuts are announced as a result of the entry into recession of the construction sector. The president of Fnaim, for his part, foresees the closure of branches in an unprecedented number. On February 1, we can also expect the publication of the annual report of the Abbé Pierre Foundation, which records the increase in poor housing in our country.

At the same time, the executive remains adamant about the ethical budget – without h – for housing, which does not give enough oxygen to first-time buyers in new or renovated existing buildings, or to HLM organizations in the construction of social rents. nor to private investors. A cruel question arises: how can a manager allow this descent into hell to continue? Analysis must be done without complacency at this stage.


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Reindustrialization will fail if we don’t solve the housing issue

Professionals obviously fail to move people. Even the large share of this sector in worsening unemployment leaves the Prime Minister and the President indifferent, cold and unaffected. Even the loss of tax revenue for the state and municipalities in the order of 10 billion euros. The worst part is not there: the indifference to the fate of households is terrifying. Suppose the professionals, after 15 years of good times, have lost all credit in the eyes of Emmanuel Macron, Élisabeth Borne or Bruno Le Maire, that perhaps these leaders even want to make them atone, he said. do you see that half of the French or almost cannot find the housing they need, neither to buy nor to rent? Can’t you see that companies are suffering from not being able to fill their positions because job seekers can’t live nearby? That reindustrialization will fail without a response in housing? The gap between the highest dignitaries of the state and public opinion is widening. As it deepens with parliament. Relentlessly. Housing threatens France’s political balance. This is disturbing, deeply disturbing. The regime is weakened and threatened. You have to admit it. Those who wanted housing to take its rightful place in the hierarchy of interests of the republic can at least note its political density: when the question of housing fails to unite, it allows us to estimate the bond between public officials and the nation. . As a barometer of the health of our democracy.


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