Interventions of the French Development Agency (AFD) overseas

Despite its confidence in the long-term overseas regional integration strategy and its willingness to implement it from 2018, the French Development Agency (AFD) has failed to fully involve its supervisory administrations in this new dimension of economic development support.

The court emphasizes that the latter were slow to draw all the conclusions to which this new strategic position led, to reformulate the doctrine of employment, which at the same time contained the rapprochement of overseas territories with France, diplomacy of influence, regional development overseas. economies, control of migration flows and territorial solidarity in the face of climate change in the same geographical areas.

Although the AFD became a major player in financing overseas communities and strengthened its range of banking and consultancy support with the support of the state, it failed to achieve the desired increase in power. The level of its commitments has been maintained in recent years only thanks to exceptional operations.

To achieve the promise contained in the Three Oceans Strategy, AFD will not only need to strengthen the alignment of its strategy with that of the state, but also fine-calibrate its offering and adjust its commercial approach as well as its performance. take into account the tight financial situation and the active competitive environment.

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