Investing Day: everything you need to know about the 2023 release

Discover the 4th edition of the Investir Day event, of which Café de la Bourse is a partner, held at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris on November 28, 2023.

In this article you will find the detailed program of Invest Day 2023 organized by Les Echos. The event is an opportunity to meet and exchange views with listed companies, management companies, fintechs, stockbrokers, as well as to watch conferences and participate in various activities.

What is Invest Day?

Investir Day is an annual event that brings together investment and wealth management players. It is aimed at all investors, whether beginners or experts, and offers them conferences, workshops, meetings and events on various aspects of investing: stock market, unlisted securities, cryptocurrencies, responsible finance.

Personalities such as Bruno Le Maire (Minister of Economy and Finance), Stéphane Pallez (CEO of the FDJ Group), Christophe Babule (CEO of L’Oréal), as well as many other CEOs of listed companies, analysts, financiers, assets at Investir Day are present managers and various investment experts in real estate, stocks and even cryptocurrencies.

Investing Day takes place every year in Paris, at the Carrousel du Louvre. The last year was held on November 28, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is free, but you must register online to participate.

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What is the program of investment day 2023?

The Investir Day program is rich in conferences, Masterclasses, activities and much more. We will discover the essentials from the Investir Day 2023 program.

Note that it is possible to add the events that interest you during the Investment Day to your calendar every year so you don’t miss them.

Investir Day masterclasses

A total of 26 Masterclasses were organized during Investing Day 2023. Participants could watch a Masterclass dedicated to real estate investments, other cryptocurrencies and more on artificial intelligence presented by Capgemini specialists.

Active traders were not left out with a Masterclass organized for natural gas, oil and gold trading, as well as others on AI and algorithmic trading.

Topics such as Web3 and the future of the FDJ Group in this digital revolution were also discussed, as were topics on biotechnology.

Investir Day round tables

The participants of Invest Day 2023 could also watch a total of 13 round tables organized in the form of thematic debates between several representatives from each sector. They could thus discover the view of real estate investment experts on the current crisis. It was also an opportunity to hear from industry professionals on a range of questions: how to invest in Deeptech companies? How to give meaning to your savings through solidary and sustainable investing? Is it too late to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Other topics were also discussed, such as the impact of ecological transformation on your property or the future of life insurance.

Louis Yang, editor-in-chief of Café de la Bourse, moderated the roundtable: Understanding Capitalized Retirement – PER – Why it is interesting for young professionals with Laure Delahousse, CEO of AFG (French Association of Financial Management), Jérémy Leonard, Broker specializing in social protection at Impacto Conseil and Yves Conan, CEO of Linxea, who allowed participants to know the strengths and limitations of retirement savings Plan when to you want to prepare for retirement as a young worker.

Investment day conference

Among the 12 main conferences as part of the Invest Day 2023 program, we highlight those from the CEO of Euronext Paris or the intervention of the director of strategists of Montpensier Finance, who came to share what will have to be kept in mind about the stock markets in 2023 and 2024. .

The FDJ, AXA, Air Liquide, L’Oréal and Engie groups came to present their vision for their company in 2023 and the following months.

Laurent Morel, Partner at Carbone, discussed with Renaud Lions, Director of Financial Communications at TotalEnergies.

Other conferences focused on addressing the profitability of sustainable business and the benefits of mission-driven business. Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies were also a recurring theme of the 2023 edition.

Live trading sessions during the investment day

There were two live trading sessions during this Investing Day 2023. The first live trading session, hosted by the two founders of Ploovers, focused on the importance of using artificial intelligence as an aid to its trading; the second live trading session focused on excessive volatility and how it can be used in day trading.

Activities during Investir Day

Among the activities that Invest Day visitors could take part in, we highlight three:

Live investing to track the positions of professional traders, the opportunity to train with recognized experts, draw inspiration from their strategies and copy their positions in real time in the markets.

The opportunity to watch live in the Carrousel du Louvre more than 50 interviews with political, economic figures and influencers, organized by the editorial teams of the magazine Les Echos and the newspaper Le Parisien.

  • Next Challenge #3 NextWise

A NextWise challenge featuring a presentation of a subject enforced by the top 3 student clubs in the monthly NextWise challenge rankings, followed by a Q&A session with the judges, at the end of which the clubs will continue the competition (virtually) until the grand finale at the Paris Euronext exchange.

Please note that Café de la Bourse is a partner of the Next Challenge and offers its analysis and guides to participants; and its editor-in-chief Louis Yang is a member of the jury.

Most compelling was the NextWise Awards: Blue Investment student club. Standard & Rich took second place and The Druids of Wall Street finished third.

Investment night

Special Masterclass “my first time” aimed at investors who want to start investing for the first time. Whether it’s the stock market, real estate, crowdfunding or cryptocurrencies, experts will provide advice on best practices and points to remember.

At the end of the day, afterwork was offered to all participants so that they could chat over a drink in a more relaxed and festive atmosphere.

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