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The BPI France stand at the Vivatech exhibition.

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Companies that internationalize quickly may be the most efficient, but they face more difficulties than others in accessing effective financing systems.

If financial enthusiasts are assumed to be able to predict the uncertain behavior of markets, a mistake is made.


The complexity of the financial market exceeds the information processing capabilities of human cognition.

For fraudsters, the fault lies with the victims: they just didn’t have to be so naive…


Some people can get into a cycle that leads them to gradually abandon their rational behavior.

Global financing backed by industry venture capital funds will reach nearly $100 billion in 2022.

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Large groups that support start-ups by providing them with funding and advice succeed in their strategy by combining investments in and outside their sector of activity.

Paul Singer, CEO and founder of Elliott Management.

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Hedge funds have a real impact on the life cycle of target companies, especially if the structures are young, if the fund is experienced and if the campaign of activism is ongoing.

Banknotes of the CFA franc, the currency of Cameroon.

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The downgrade of Cameroon’s country rating can be interpreted as a signal sent by the markets to the government at a time when it is benefiting from financial support from the IMF.

Leaving the compartment early in the morning is part of the charm of traveling for many travelers.


The atypical operating model of night trains halfway between a mainline train and the TER means a rather ambiguous control method.

Will these cultured sausages whet your appetite?

New Age Meat

Cultured meat remains produced on a small scale with an environmental impact that is still uncertain but potentially promising. But the United States is sending a signal to investors.

The manufacturer Tesla is investing more and more in research and development, even though it has not been profitable in some years.

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Tesla’s innovation strategy has made it possible to start sales in recent years, unlike other manufacturers.

The companies disclose relatively little financial information about the brands they own.

Financial information is most useful for investors. However, paradoxically, companies communicate little about the brands, the intangible assets they own.

Manchester City, led by Norwegian star Erling Haaland, will try to lift their first Champions League title against Inter Milan on June 10.


The final pits Manchester City, a club under the Emirati flag, against Inter Milan, owned by China – two close nations that have turned football into a lever for development.

The playground, a crucial stage in the life of a young company.


The research summarizes the good advice identified by the researchers. For example, did you know that smiling too much is not a good idea?

In anticipation of the tax cut announced by the legislator, companies could postpone their declaration to more favorable years.

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Not only could they benefit from a more favorable rate, but they could also implement planning strategies to defer tax returns.

What macro-economic impacts can we expect from the implementation of the goals of the Paris Agreement?

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Investment needs, workers, implications for growth and inflation: a multidisciplinary team modeled the implications of the energy transition for the real economy.

The green bond market is booming, but barriers remain significant in developing countries.


Initiatives supported in particular by the IMF and the World Bank attempt to stimulate private investors’ appetites for “green bonds”.

According to the study, analysts provide relevant information on the risk of default up to a two-year horizon.

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Forecasts by information producers are the main indicators of crises that may occur. However, the complexity of banking activities complicates their task.

Some states have introduced legislation aimed at limiting the expansion of ESG criteria.


New financial products specifically designed to invest in fossil fuels or firearms are beginning to be offered to savers.

Taking environmental, social and governance criteria into account does not mean giving up profit.

Recent studies show that impact funding is not at odds with the more traditional goal of making a profit, quite the opposite.

The goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 involves an annual investment of more than $2 trillion, according to the International Energy Agency.


Market volatility and rising development costs have led to an increase in the risk premium in recent years.

A worker from Hope House, an organization that sponsors the use of cryptocurrencies at El Zonte Beach, makes a purchase at a small store that accepts bitcoins in Tamanique, El Salvador, on June 9, 2021.

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Are cryptocurrencies really here to stay or is it just a fad?

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