LEP: how much interest will you receive in 2023?

The popular savings account was a very, very good deal in 2023. Between the increase in its rate and the increase in the payment cap, a well-managed LEP will bring in at least €485. Explanations.

Are you lucky enough to have LEP? In ten days, during New Year’s Eve, you will reap the fruits of your saving efforts. Interest is traditionally credited to accounts on December 31.

You probably won’t be in debt. The year 2023 LEP will actually be one of all records! From January to August, its rate gradually increased from 4.60% to 6.10%, and then by 6% from August to December. Finally, its average annual return reaches 5.93%, a record since… 1985! And the icing on the cake is the increase of the payment ceiling from 7,700 euros to 10,000 euros as of October 1.

Livret A, LDDS, LEP: how much interest will you actually earn in 2023 with the new rates?

The result: LEP maintained at the regulatory payment ceiling throughout the year will, according to our calculations, bring a little more than 485 euros:

  • 29.52 euros in January (rate 4.60%, ceiling 7,700 euros)
  • 234.85 euros from February to July (rate 6.10%, ceiling 7700 euros)
  • 96.25 euros from August 1 to October 15 (rate 6%, ceiling 7,700 euros)
  • 125 euros between October 16 and December 31 (rate 6%, ceiling 10,000 euros

FYI, according to the fourteen-day rule, money placed from October 1 above the old ceiling of €7,700 only started generating interest from October 16.

500 euros in sight for half of the LEP

This is obviously a completely theoretical calculation. Among LEP holders, many have a balance that has long exceeded €7,700, or even €10,000. In reality, these caps are payment caps, not balance caps. They can therefore be exceeded without limitation during the annual capitalization of interest.

More specifically, these are 47% LEP, end of 2022, who have reached or exceeded the payment ceiling of 7,700 euros. So about 4 million savers, of whom you may be one, who can hope that on December 31 reach or even exceed 500 euros of interest.

Take advantage: Unfortunately, 2024 isn’t looking so good.

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