Montpellier: Developers confirm unprecedented housing crisis

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Federation of Real Estate Developers (Occitanie Méditerranée REIT) talked about the situation new housing in France, confirming that France is undergoing a housing crisis unprecedented with the fall described as ” staggering » projects, resulting in retention lack new housing, and therefore also price growth.

-40% per sale

” Here is sidereal shift between government policy and the reality on the ground, that is the needs of the French for accommodation,” claims the developer from Montpellier Laurent Villaretpresident of FPI Occitanie Méditerranée: “At the national level we are at -40% saleit is truly an unprecedented crisis.”

“In Montpellier we are equipped to come out of the crisis better than most other metropolises”

Laurent Villaretpresident of FPI Occitanie-Mediterranée

This decline is explained by several factors (fewer projects, rising interest rates, rising raw material costs, new building standards, land prices, etc.) to which Languedoc-Roussillon is not immune, “even though Montpellier with supply shock planned Metropolisit has visibility and should succeed maintain satisfactory production of new housing in the coming years,” assures FPI.

Montpellier is waiting for a shock offer

For the record, Metropolis planned construction 8,000 residential units in Montpelliermainly within the framework of the new ZAC: “In Montpellier we are armed for success get out of the crisis better than most other metropolises,” estimates Laurent Villaret, who expects the effect of the measure (rebound?) for 2024. “However, the lack of government initiatives in housing means that it is impossible to be the mayor of the building, especially as state grants to communities continue to decrease.”

m2 for €5,400 in Montpellier

In this context, the French, who are struggling to find new housing, will continue to struggle “unless there is a strong gesture from the state”, underlines the FPI, which, to complete the picture, announced that according to national trend which is forming,” every fifth operation should be cancelled “. This will lead to an even scarcer supply of new housing and therefore to maintain an inflationary situation, including in mainland France and Montpellier, where the price per m2 is breaking records in a market that persists partial offer in relation to demand.

Housing, a “basic necessity”

“Sales prices continue their strong development: they are valued at around EUR 5,400/m2 (without parking),” specifies the FPI, ensuring that with the implementation of new environmental standards, the price per m2 will not be able to decrease without a strong state. measure: “Public authorities have stopped considering access to housing as a basic necessity. This is a serious mistake. In fact, we are quite venomous towards the government. Does he have a vision? I don’t believe. There is no state policy in this area.”


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