Philippe Briand (Arche): An unprecedented housing crisis

Philippe Briand, President of Arche Group, is Ariane Artinian’s guest on Mon Podcast Immo, live from Immo, FNAIM Real Estate Congress. He talks about the real estate market and the crisis that professionals are going through.

A real housing crisis

For the leaders of the Arche galaxy, which includes Century 21, Nestenn, Laforêt Immobilier, Guy Hoquet, Citya and 24,000 employees, this crisis is different.

“We were going through a real estate crisis before. Today we are going through a housing crisis. Having a roof over your head is essential. You can’t do anything in life if you don’t have decent housing. If you can’t take a shower, you can’t apply for a job. If your children are not lucky enough to be well protected, they will not be able to study well. Our work has a human and social dimension. And that has escaped some of the leaders of this country.

Philippe Briand, President of the Republic, emphasizes: ” When Emmanuel Macron talks about real estate, he talks about income. When I talk about my work, I’m talking about living. The ability of the power for France to hold its clothes

16% of students dropped out due to lack of accommodation

For Philippe Briand, the current crisis is very worrying. “We no longer offer accommodation!” 16% of students gave up their chosen course this year because they could not find accommodation. The real estate crisis is not the problem. Well, we do a little less numbers and transactions, but the pros adapt. The strongest of us resist. The real issue is housing for those who need it. If there is no longer an offer, it is a very complex and unprecedented situation. »

Who has the power to make the situation smoother? ” Bercy and the President of the Republicanswers Philippe Briand. Opening a loan at affordable rates for a longer period would already be good. But we also need to reform the entire housing chain.

Should real estate professionals be worried? ” No. We will always need them! Who can help customers with energy renovation? Digitization is good, but people are irreplaceable. » concludes Philippe Briand.

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