Property. Occitanie: this area stands out with prices that are constantly rising

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L’Ariège, country of investment? According to data from the Chamber of Notaries, the department sees another double-digit increase in old houses between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.

Prices rise “significantly”

It is even one of the few cases where prices are still rising “remarkably”, Maître points out Magalia Patinodeputy chairman notaries of the Court of Appeal in charge of real estate in Ariège: +9.8% on plots and another double-digit increase on old houses +10.4%.

On old apartments which represent a “small market” in Ariège (550 sales compared to 510 in the previous period), goods are scarce and prices continue to rise: +9.8%, with a median price of €1,520 per m2. It’s always in Haute-Ariège and in Land of the Olmes that prices per m2 remain the highest, respectively EUR 2,030 (+16.8%) and EUR 1,620 per m2 (+13.4%). We note that the market for old apartments on Foixafter a long-term decline, it recorded an increase of +10.2% and the price per m2 to EUR 1,480 (1,320 mil2 for the previous period).

On the market of old houses

In the old house market, the median selling price is now €130,000 (previously €117,000). It’s always in Lower Ariège that house prices are highest at a median price of €160,000 (+11.8%); EUR 133,000 (+14.4%) in Upper Ariège€115,000 in Volvester where prices stabilize and EUR 100,500 in Couserans (+5.8%). During the period under review, PUSH Tour du Crieu is still in first place among cities where houses are the most expensive (€208,100), followed by Verniolle (€200,000), Mirepoix (€186,400), Saverdun (€182,200), Saint-Jean-du-Falga (€181,800) a Varilhes (€149,000).

Building plot

As for building plots, they still have an attractive median price of €37,000 compared to other departments. During the mentioned period, the price increased by an average of +7.9%. it is in Haute-Ariège that the median price sees its strongest increase of +18.3% at €40,500, catching up with the median prices Volvester and some Lower Ariège. The gap therefore widens even more with Couserans where transactions are rare with a median price of €28,400.

A slowdown in sales volume

Although prices are still rising, there has been a distinct slowdown in sales volume.

“Already in the last monitored period presented in March, we noticed a stagnation in the volume of sales after two years of continuous growth. It is actually the actual decrease that has now been recorded, -13%, or almost 540 fewer sales than the previous period. »

Master Magalia PatinoDeputy President of the Notaries of the Court of Appeal, responsible for real estate in Ariège

Volumes are down, of course, but the market isn’t collapsing. “There is a rebalancing happening, while of course it remains constrained by monetary policy and rising rates,” explains Maître Magalie Patino. “Without a doubt, we are moving towards a necessity market rather than an investor market. In any case, the preliminary contract numbers report more sustained increases and even a slight decrease for the old house. »

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