Property tax increase in 2024? Get ready with this basic information

Imagine opening your tax return in 2024 and finding that your property tax is staggeringly higher than it is today. For the French owners, this prospect is far from mere fiction. After a significant increase in 2023, next year could deal another blow to their budget. Amid fears and speculations, what scenario is emerging for property tax in France? Stay with us as we dive into the heart of this burning issue and discover the strategies and hopes that could shape our local taxation in the future.

Growing tax pressure

While the 2023 tax year recently started with a significant increase in property tax, many French landlords are already worried about what 2024 will hold for them. With rental value revaluations in their sights, this tax may see a new increase. .

Impact of revaluation of rental values

In 2023, property taxes will increase by more than 7% on average. This is partly due to the revision of cadastral rent values, which have not been adjusted for many years. These values ​​serve as the basis for tax calculation and any adjustment inevitably leads to an increase in tax.

The outlook for 2024: between fears and speculations

What does 2024 have in store for us? Forecasts are uncertain, but one thing is certain: if the inflationary trend in the economy continues, property tax increases could be even more significant. Here are some projections:

  • Continued inflation would result in a corresponding increase in property taxes.
  • In some municipalities, an increase of up to a double-digit number is possible.
  • The estate tax mechanism allows for annual adjustments based on several economic factors.

What is the government doing to limit the increase?

Faced with this observation, it is up to the government to put in place measures to curb property tax explosions. Historically, governments have resorted to various tactics such as capping increases or introducing exceptional measures to provide relief to landlords.

Maneuvering space of municipalities

Are municipalities able to reduce this tax pressure? The law gives them some flexibility:

  • Reduction of local tax rates
  • Introduction of special exemptions

It remains to be seen whether they will use these tools to reduce the burden on their constituents.

Strategies for Addressing Rising Property Taxes

Not all property owners will be equal when it comes to property tax increases. Here are some ways to explore how to mitigate the impact:

  • Exemptions: check whether you are eligible for exemptions or relief depending on your situation.
  • Modulation of payments: consider monthly collection to spread the cost over a year.

Feedback from affected owners

From Marseille to Lille, owners have spoken of an already tense situation with terms such as “unacceptable” and “suffocating”. Anger is pouring in and voices are being heard demanding an in-depth reform of the tax system there.

Action and vigilance: slogans for 2024

It is essential to be informed about tax developments and potential assistance. To do this, follow the local news, have a dialogue with your tax administration and, if the situation requires it, do not hesitate to reach out to experts.

Conclusion: Uncertain tax future for owners

By 2024, property tax could become a much bigger burden on French households. However, the situation is not hopeless. By remaining vigilant, proactive and taking advantage of all available support, it is possible to mitigate the impact of these increases. This is a complex topic that deserves attention and preparation, as decisions made today will define tomorrow’s tax landscape.

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