Real Estate: Media Relations, Business Leverage and Notoriety?

Are you a real estate agent, entrepreneur or marketing professional? Do you want to improve your visibility in the media? Listen to the advice of Séverine Amate in this new episode of Mon Podcast Immo. At Ariane Artinian’s microphone, live from the FNAIM congress, the founder of the Amate Réseonance agency gives the keys to successful communication. » Data allows you to be visible in the media,” explains.

A strategy for relations with the press and the public is being developed

Séverine Amate has been the head of press and public relations for the SeLoger Group for a long time. She decided to start her own business and founded the Amate Réseonance agency last June. Today it supports real estate networks. “We are creating and evaluating a strategy for relations with the press and the public, first with an audit, and then we will develop a strategy for the next 6 months. And we must not hesitate to create opportunities to talk about the brand, especially when there is DATA. »

In this time of crisis, a good PR strategy can help real estate agents get into the media. Be careful, not everything is good to say. The idea is to have content, repeat content, that would appeal to the media as often as possible, either on current topics or topics that are kind of a common thread that we find over time, like barometers.

Do you need a minimum amount of DAT to talk?

Raw data is worthless if it is not acted upon and justified by a methodology that allows facts, not trends, to be established. Freshness is also an element of differentiation and credibility for the brand. The clearer and more justified the methodologies, the more value they give to the brand that embodies them. ” DATA must be modeled or it is worthless, explains Séverine Amate. This is the experience I got at SeLoger. The group’s various brands have often claimed a say in surveys, whether it’s DATA opinion awards.

Not everything has the same impact in terms of packaging. It is important to send the right messages to the right targets. “An effective PR strategy is one that is built over time and validated by the most influential media for each target, professionals and individuals… Those who have influence from an audience perspective. »

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