Real Estate Prices: “Predicting Divorce, Death and Moving”

Michaël Carton, founder of the Real Estate Consortium, recently joined the Septeo group, visited the studio Mon Podcast Immo à Immo, FNAIM Real Estate Congress. Guest Ariane Artinian discusses the importance of real estate professionals continuing to enter sales mandates despite the market downturn. Selected extracts.

Our aim is to give our customers something extra to help them get through these more delicate times, explains. We are seeing a decline in the market, but this varies by region. Some are still sellers’ markets, while others have moved into buyers’ markets. »

How does its software help real estate professionals? ” Our tool allows real estate agents to estimate the price of a property based on a variety of data, especially properties for sale and properties on the market in the industry“.

The 3D Rule for Real Estate Price Prediction

Having mandates at the right price… we often find them among the new products on the market,” explains. It emphasizes the importance of moving away from prices before the market declines.

How ? By relying on big data. ” We focus on predictions like divorces, deaths and moves to help real estate agents.

And to continue: ” Our tool is able to provide predictive information about properties that are likely to hit the market, focusing on the “3D rules” – divorce, death and moving. In particular, this enables us to provide our clients with relevant information to simplify their search. »

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A property at the right price always attracts interest

His vision of the market in 2024? “II don’t have a crystal ball, but I think overpriced goods will have to come down to meet buyer demand. A property in perfect condition can see a 5 to 10% drop, while those that require work can see a steeper drop, ranging from 10 to 20%.. »

In this context, ” market turnover”, Michaël Carton advises real estate professionals to continue to obtain sales mandates at the right price. ” Even though buyers have dwindled, a properly priced property still attracts interest. This is essential for successful orientation in today’s market.

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