Real estate: the decline in new home sales will last

A dark year. Real estate developers have just had one of the worst years in their history. And the trend of 2024 doesn’t look much clearer… Much to the dismay of the French, who see housing supply dwindle in their regions and departments. To assess the situation in detail, this month’s “Great Real Estate Meeting” (Capital / Radio immo) welcomes Didier Bellier Ganière, General Delegate of the Federation of Real Estate Developers.

In the first part of our interview, our guest takes a detailed look at the various elements that have blocked the market this year. Developers, already facing difficulties in construction – lack of permits, lack of land – had to face a massive withdrawal of buyers in 2023, themselves burdened by inflation and rising interest rates. For promoters, the situation is such that a short-term rebound seems threatened, our guest admits. Especially since the pros will have little wiggle room to cut prices next year.

In the second part of our interview, Didier Bellier Ganière returns with us to the challenges of the manufacturers of tomorrow. As environmental issues become more pressing every year and the zero net AI policy is now a well-established rule, developers are being forced to reinvent themselves and build a city upon a city. New materials, new layouts, new spaces, altitude… our guest explains to us how he sees our future homes.

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