Realtor: “One for all, all for one and all FNAIM”

Ariane Artinian receives Brice Cardi, President of the L’Adresse network live from the FNAIM Congress at the Carrousel du Louvre for a new episode of Mon Podcast Immo.

Is it useful to join a union?

For Brice Cardi, agency head and president “ a network created by FNAIM, which has the highest membership rate among its entrepreneurs (60%), being a member and an activist is completely self-evident. »

“We think about unions and how unions stand up for us when things go wrong. The point is to anticipate, to be more numerous, that we are all united in defense of our beautiful profession and the great work we have a chance to achieve.

And continue: » Let us recall that FNAIM is a union led by elected officials who are themselves professionals who know the issues in the sector and who all know how to defend their peers better than others because they are also on the ground. One for all, all for one and all FNAIM! “.

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A school for the education of future generations

Contribution amount? » This pales in comparison to the advantage of being defended by unions. I just hope that the union will continue to defend us as it does and that it has the means to do so, whatever the angle of attack, political, economic, legal, digital or environmental. May he have the capacity to inform us as necessary during the 1stahem limitation is essential.

Brice Cardi also reminds that FNAIM has a school: ESI, which loudly defends the values, skills, professionalism and, above all, ethics and professional conduct, which are very important to me and which are the fruit of the success of a real estate agent.

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