Runes, the new power on Bitcoin: Ordinals and BRC-20 dethroned by historical record

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Fenelon L.

The Runes protocol has seen an average of 150,000 transactions per day since its launch, far surpassing other Bitcoin token benchmarks such as Ordinals. This meteoric rise highlights growing user interest in fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Runes explode on the Bitcoin network

Rapid adoption of the Runes protocol

The Bitcoin blockchain continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. After the successful launch of Ordinals and BRC-20, the new Runes protocol shook up the game by quickly surpassing these established standards.

According to data from Dune Analytics, the average number of daily transactions on the Runes protocol is over 150,000, with a peak of 753,584 transactions on April 23rd.

This performance largely eclipses BRC-20, which struggles to handle 10,000 transactions per day. Runes, which account for around 40% of Bitcoin transactions, divert attention and liquidity from other cryptocurrencies to the parent blockchain.

Run’s success can be explained by its innovative approach to creating fungible tokens on Bitcoin. By enabling off-chain transactions, Runes reduces congestion on the Bitcoin network while providing faster confirmation times and lower fees for users.

A promising future for bitcoin tokens

The rise of runes, BRC-20 and Ordinals demonstrates the meteoric evolution of Bitcoin, which has now moved beyond its original role as a simple store of value. The parent blockchain is becoming a true platform for creative expression and comprehensive financial tools, opening up exciting new perspectives for developers and users.

Although these protocols have been controversial in the past due to concerns about network congestion, they have gradually gained maturity. Each presents distinct strengths and weaknesses, stimulating healthy competition and the continued momentum of innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Data from social media and investment tools shows growing interest in Runes, with 53,008 interactions for the protocol, compared to 37,169 for BRC-20 and 34,299 for Ordinals, according to data from LunarCrush.

Runes breathe a refreshing breath of fresh air into Bitcoin. With an average of over 150,000 daily transactions, it already exceeds established standards such as BRC-20 and Ordinals.

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