Shared Energy: an investment strategy designed to finance citizens’ energy

With 7,380 citizen-shareholders, the company has already invested €26.8 million and is building new financial capacity for citizen renewable energy projects in France with an investment target of €6 million for 2024.

Energie Partagée aims to promote, support and finance the development of civic renewable energy projects. With its Shared Energy label, it distinguishes projects that meet criteria related to territorial interest, shared governance, local dynamism, ecology and ethical and civic finance.

“When it comes to financing, civic and public ownership of shares changes everything: decisions, benefits and risks are controlled by local and civic actors, wholly or with other actors (especially private operators). Civic projects thus generate 2 to 3 times more local economic benefits than a classic renewable energy project, especially because they are controlled by local stakeholders throughout their lifetime,” explained Marion Richard, project manager. interview with pv magazine, a little earlier this year.

To finance projects, Energie Partagée also has investment capacity through a capital mix shared between institutional investors and citizens. Specifically, with its company Energie Partagée Investissement, it is able to take shares in local companies involved in the energy transformation project.

Today the association entrusted magazine pv raised capital of 34,012,200 euros with 7,380 citizen shareholders. “The average amount of capital investment is around 2,500 euros, with amounts ranging from 100 to 500,000 euros,” the company specifies.

For 2024, the association presents an investment target of 6 million euros in renewable energy projects, especially in wind energy (3 million forecast) and solar energy (1.2 million). Other investment segments include heat, hydropower, methanation and strategic development and capital investments. In total, Energie Partagée has invested €26.7 million since its foundation in 2008, including €12 million in solar – €2.4 million in 2023 alone.

With 268 tagged projects and 206 MW of installed capacity, photovoltaics remains its largest segment. “This technology is very well suited for this type of project, as it is possible to develop projects of very different sizes, in very diverse types of territory (urban, rural, etc.). This ranges from PV ‘cluster’ projects that connect several small installations on a roof or shield and can see the first installations released relatively quickly (in one to two years) to larger ground-based projects,” recalled Marion Richard.

On the collection side, Energie Partagée intends to raise a total of 5 million euros in 2024, of which 3 million from citizen investments and 2 million at an institutional level. If the fundraising does not reach the set goal, it will be necessary to limit investments in project companies and take place arbitrations, “although we have not encountered this problem until then”, specifies the company.

Towards the end of the year, the association launched a participation campaign for a loved one as a green and civic “Christmas gift”. “You give your loved ones money in the form of shares. This money will remain available (can be withdrawn every year) and its special feature will be the support of local energy transformation projects for the entire period of the deposit.

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