Shiba Inu: 99.9% SHIB burned, is it possible? Answer by Shytoshi Kusama

Burn 99.9% shyness. Oh yes, that’s impossible. Shiba is garbage », slips a skeptic from a recent tweet from Shytoshi Kusama. Without a hint of hesitation, the lead Shiba Inu developer replied. We will reveal the details of his answer in this article.

99.9% SHIB burned, it’s possible for Kusama

The rarer a cryptocurrency is, the more its price increases.. Shiba developers, like ShibArmy, are aware of this. The reason why the calls to keep burning SHIB keep coming.

And the icing on the cake, the team behind memecoin is gradually chaining giga burns of SHIB. The community can only rejoice.

Nothing is impossible, emphasizes Shytoshi Kusama

Nothing is impossible except you see how it is possible. We are moving forward. »

Analyzing these reports, The Crypto Basic did not fail to mention the first publication of the enigmatic Shitoshi Kusama, which highlights the latest Shibarium performance :

  • 153,207,244 transactions;
  • 1,318,239 wallet addresses;
  • 2,221,235 blocks;
  • etc.

It was in such a context that the sarcasm of crypto trader Boomer Sooner fell. However, the main developer of the Shiba Inu believed in his actions the possibility of reducing the current supply of this crypto starter to 0.1%.

Which means that of all 580 trillion SHIB tokens in circulation, almost nothing will remain. 580 billion coins to be exact.

Burning 99.9% of Shiba Inu crypto certainly is difficult but not impossible. By accepting this challenge, Shytoshi Kusama ignited the SHIB community. Raoul Valadez-Rayas, one of the American traders who like this cryptocurrency inspired by the Japanese dog theme, made this comment:

I am patiently waiting for Shytoshi Kusama. I can’t wait to see trillions of SHIBs burn one day and then everyone in the SHIB ARMY will be happy. »

On this note, the word “patience” undeniably attention-grabbing. Patience, this quality that BTC hodlers were able to develop during the bear market. The same patience that arms the minds of SHIB traders before they see their favorite cryptocurrency hit 1 cent.

But to burn the 99.9% of Shiba in circulation it will be necessary adopt new approaches. The mechanism supporting the burning of SHIB tokens using transaction fees on the Ethereum layer 2 blockchain, Shibarium, will not be sufficient.

Kusama’s team looks forward to innovative methodssend to “dead wallets” billions of tokens. The last two burning operations have already totaled 17 billion SHIB.

This month alone, 33.8 billion memecoins have been sent to uncapturable wallets.

Also note that this information has a positive impact on the price of SHIB. A quick visit to Coigeck let us know that the crypto startup is no longer in agony. At press time, it was trading at $0.000011.01, up 8.7% in one week.

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The blockchain and crypto revolution is in full swing! And on the day the effects are felt by the most vulnerable economy in this world, I will say against all hope that I had something to do with it


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