Some parents get more activity bonuses: do you too?

In a world where making ends meet is often a problem, unexpected access to financial support can make a big difference, especially for the most vulnerable among us.

Activity Bonus, designed as a real lever against uncertainty, is proving to be a valuable aid to workers on modest incomes. But what some people don’t know is that this bonus can reveal hidden potential for single parents and pregnant women in situations of financial loneliness. The criteria seem precise, the amounts attractive and the procedures available.

Are you a single parent or a mother-to-be, the hope of improving your monthly budget is just around the corner… Let’s discover together how to turn this potential into reality.

Who can benefit from the activity bonus increase?

Activity Bonus, an aid introduced to support workers with modest incomes, can be increased for certain specific profiles. Single parents with at least one dependent child and single pregnant women with limited or no means are first in line for a potential increase in this benefit.

Resource conditions and family situation

  • Being a single parent or single pregnant woman
  • Have an income from a professional activity
  • Living in France in a stable and efficient way
  • Have at least one dependent child or be pregnant
  • Do not exceed a certain income ceiling

How to calculate the amount of your bonus for increased activity?

The amount of the Activity Bonus varies depending on income from the activity, composition and household resources. The increase is applied automatically if the conditions are met. Here’s a chart that illustrates how the increase may affect premiums depending on your situation:

Family situation Monthly income from activity The basic amount of the bonus for the activity Surcharge Total activity bonus with boost
Single parent, 1 dependent child €1,300 €250 + €150 €400
Single parent, 2 dependent children €1,500 €300 + €200 €500
Pregnant woman alone €1,200 €200 + €100 €300

Bonus payment period for increased activity

The duration of the payment of the bonus for increased activity depends on the period during which you meet the criteria for allocation. For example, for a single parent, the increase is effective if the income conditions and family situation do not change.

What could cause the loss of the increase

Be careful as certain situations can lead to the end of the activity bonus increase:

  • Income exceeding the permitted ceiling
  • Change in household composition (for example, if you are no longer considered a single parent)
  • The return of a new spouse or roommate to the household

Procedure for applying for an increased activity bonus

If you think you’re eligible for an increased activity bonus:

  1. Log in to your personal account on the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) website.
  2. Complete a quarterly income statement and list all household income
  3. CAF evaluates your rights by automatically calculating a possible increase
  4. If you are eligible, the top-up will be paid to you at the same time as the basic activity bonus

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