Sophie Richard (Viagimmo): Life annuity, a constantly growing market

Sophie Richard, founder of the Viagimmo network, which was launched in 2017 and which, thanks to a franchise agreement, supports professionals who want to specialize in life annuities, is the guest of Ariane Artinian in Mon Podcast Immo, live from Immo, the real estate agency FNAIM. conference.

According to Sophie Richardová, the life annuity does not suffer from the real estate crisis. For several reasons. A life annuity gives French people access to real estate. The issue of borrowing is less critical with a life annuity because buying an occupied life annuity means buying a property for half the value, spread over time. Life annuity is on the rise as it responds to the problem of financing dependency or how to enable seniors to live out their 3E or 4E age at home. Current question. ” We will not encounter all the difficulties that real estate agencies can encounter in our Viagimmo offices.

Life annuity dusted

The life annuity picture has changed a lot… This may also explain it. “When I launched the Viagimmo brand and franchise, I audited my market and realized there was a lot of preconceived notions and ignorance. My 1ahem The challenge was to support mentalities, break down psychological barriers and push the boundaries of pedagogy. I have created a lot of content to help individuals and professionals understand this system.

Business contribution: solutions for professionals

Today, Viagimmo supports all real estate professionals. Those who want to start a life annuity franchise, but also professionals from traditional real estate agencies who cannot afford to miss a sale.

Many agents are increasingly being contacted by individuals about life annuities. But they don’t have the answers. They miss the sale. At Viagimmo, we have created a turnkey partnership to enable them to strengthen their business without recklessly risking their professional liability. So they can turn to us”. In the bet, ” commission for business referrals of 15 to 20% of fees“, explains Sophie Richard.

For those who want to take the plunge and specialize 100% in life annuity, we support them in opening their own Viagimmo franchise. This means joining a trusted network, benefiting from a solid and proven concept and effective marketing.

Notice for amateurs…

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