SpaceX launches its huge rocket for the last time this year

SpaceX is organizing the launch of the Falcon Heavy on December 28. It will be the last flight of the largest operational rocket of the American group for this year.

2023 will be a good year for Falcon Heavy. SpaceX’s heavy launch vehicle has been mobilized four times in recent years — a feat never seen since the launch of the rocket. A record that will be further improved in December as a fifth mission is planned. The recipients are the United States Air Force and Space Force.

Falcon Heavy flight in summary

  • What? Sending an experimental space shuttle into orbit
  • when? December 28, 2023 at 2:14 a.m. (Paris time);
  • or ? At the Kennedy Space Center in Florida;
  • what will we see Launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket.

Where to watch the start live?

Looks like SpaceX no longer provides YouTube streaming these days. The American company instead offers a solution from X (formerly Twitter), which now includes a live streaming service. You can follow this link see Falcon Heavy take off.

What is the mission of SpaceX?

SpaceX must launch its Falcon Heavy from the United States and carry it into the upper atmosphere. On site, the machine will have to release its cargo: as of November, we know that the fairing will accommodate the X-37B space shuttle, a vehicle whose development is overseen by the US Air Force and Space Force.UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The X-37B vehicles are known for their remarkable longevity in orbit. There have already been six such missions: this is the seventh. This is the first time the Falcon Heavy has been used for transportation. Previously, there were five Atlas rockets and one Falcon 9 rocket.

Booster details. // Source: SpaceX

Just in 2018, a contract was signed with the US Army. The X-37B was originally scheduled to fly in 2021, but the flight was delayed two years due to payload availability and range, Spacenews reported. The mission is nicknamed USSF-52. It is currently unknown how long this vehicle will remain in space.

SpaceX specifies that the side boosters have already flown four times (USSF-44, USSF-67, Hughes Jupiter 3 and Psyche). After the boosters are separated, they will automatically return to Earth as usual. SpaceX is not saying anything about the third booster or the two fairing sections. X37-B will return to Earth on its own, at an indeterminate horizon.

When does the Falcon Heavy rocket launch?

SpaceX originally focused to take off on the night of December 10-11 (Paris time zone), but the weather forecast did not bode well. After several delays, the company announced a new launch date of December 16. The USSF-52 mission is normally scheduled to launch on December 28, 2023.

(topic update with new launch date)

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