Stock market: Exail Technologies, a specialist in defense robots, has strong potential

Exail Technologies (formerly Groupe Gorgé) has been doing well on the Paris Stock Exchange recently. The action of the French high-tech specialist in navigation systems and autonomous robotics (complex drones and navigation systems, products for aviation and photonics) – one of the three-color jewels of the defense sector – experienced a better course than the Paris stock exchange. While the CAC 40 suffered from a rise in long-term rates, Exail Technologies shares benefited from the publication of good half-year accounts and an attractive medium-term outlook.

In the first half of the year, Exail Technologies “posted solid sales figures that exceeded our expectations”, points out TC Icap, which has a “buy” rating on the stock with a target price of 24 euros. The broker says it is confident in the solid operating prospects of Exail Technologies, which also “judiciously bought minority stakes” in the first half. Activity in the main navigation and robotics segment increased 20% year-over-year, driven by progress in major underwater demining programs and “still very strong demand for navigation equipment” (underwater and defense drones). both terrestrial and terrestrial for robotics dedicated to oceanography, reports TC Icap.


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The prospects for Exail Technologies are attractive

Exail Technologies reports “intense” business momentum with €83 million in new orders in the second quarter, TC Icap highlights. The company did not report any significant news about the development of demining programs, but spoke of a particularly intense activity that it had “rarely experienced”. The order book is 0.61 billion euros, which is the equivalent of two years of activity. A significant build-up that bodes well for a solid delivery volume for the current half-year, the broker claims.

Exail Technologies’ refocusing is bearing fruit

Exail Technologies, an innovative and international family business with a focus on high-tech industrial niches, has undergone significant changes in scope in recent years, eliminating the least differentiating and most cyclical activities and focusing on technology-intensive and expensive markets. -effective. Exail Technologies caused a sensation by winning the largest contract in the history of maritime robotics under Thales (although it was a big favorite) in 2019 (€0.5 billion over 8 years).


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Exail Technologies has changed the dimension with the acquisition of iXblue

And with the purchase of the French technology gem iXblue (high-tech equipment for extreme environments), Exail Technologies changed the dimension and became the new French champion with a global reach in cutting-edge technologies for critical applications in defense, space and maritime transport, which has already been highlighted. last year, Inocap Gestion, a management company with which Capital spoke. Discover our complete analysis of Exail Technologies and our stock outlook scenario in Momentum, Capital’s stock market investment letter. And get a free one-month trial right now with promo code CAPITAL30J. To join our community, simply click on the link below.

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