Tension in the Lorient dressing room, Mendy would insult his coach

FC Lorient have been in a free fall in Ligue 1 for several weeks. Merlus have even been relegated and nothing is going well in Régis Le Brise’s group. The Breton coach no longer has a solution and some players in his team seem to no longer want to work with him. However, last summer Lorient put in place the means to have a nice transfer window and bring Benjamin Mendy back to Ligue 1. The world champion’s performance after months of absence is not necessarily what he wanted. Especially since the left is once again embroiled in harmful controversies.

He was recently seen with Lorient supporters insulting Stade Brestois. And Benjamin Mendy is being talked about again in recent hours for making inappropriate comments towards his coach Régis Le Brise.

Tension in the locker room

Benjamin Mendy has been through a lot in his career. The Frenchman really doesn’t like playing last roles in Ligue 1. There is a lot of tension in the Lorient dressing room. According to Mohamed Toubach-Ter, it all started after the defeat against Brest on Wednesday night, as he indicated on X: “The Lorient dressing room exploded. At the end of the game coach Le Bris said “here are some who lack humility and questions, HERE” The player replied: “Do you have any names?”

» The coach mentioned 4 names. (Benjamin Mendy, Kroupi, Touré, Makengo). I can confirm that the 4th target was Romain Faivre & not Kroupi (mea culpa) When I saw the coach attack, Makengo was very badly received by the group. Plus I’ll be doing Lorient space this Friday at 7pm!!

Mendy would slip, internet users react

Following his pace, the consultant also admitted that subsequently Mendy and Makengo would turn sour: “After the game against Toulouse, Benjamin Mendy reportedly said in a physio session: ‘Regis Le Bris is the most damned coach I’ve ever had.

» Jean-Victor Makengo would also say to the Lorient coach: “Come on, let’s talk, you want to ruin my career.” On social media, especially X, the information quickly got people talking. We could see comments on the topic:

  • “He went from Guardiola to Le Bris lol you have to understand”
  • “Huge lack of respect, not professional at all, we hope he doesn’t play a single game this season.”
  • “When we go from Guardiola to Regis Le Bris, we understand that it changes, but if this statement is true, it lacks professionalism.”
  • “Benjamin Mendy: Regis Le Bris? He’s the most threatened coach I’ve ever had.”
  • “Benjamin Mendy was wronged when he was found not guilty and now he is paying the bill himself.”
  • “Be glad your career isn’t over”



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