The civil service revolution: A giant step towards equal pay

Pay equity is an ideal that many governments strive to achieve. In France, a new breakthrough promises to revolutionize the civil service – an ambitious index focused on gender equality. The tool is a true barometer of social justice and is designed to chart a path to pay parity that has been elusive until now. How is the index formed, what changes can be expected and how will it change the established standards? Enter the world of this social innovation and discover its potential impact on our administrative system.

Decisive step towards justice: Presentation of the index

In line with the global trend of greater equality between women and men, the French civil service is not far behind. The key moment is the creation of an index that aims to reduce and subsequently eliminate the gender pay gap, driven by political will and the desire for social justice. This system is based on precise criteria for evaluating and improving salary procedures. Here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary index.

Index Mechanisms: How to Measure Inequality?

  • The gender pay gap
  • Distribution of individual increments
  • Promotional event
  • Increase after return from maternity leave
  • The presence of women among the highest salaries

The calculation method will take into account specifics such as employee status, category or type of contract. A score out of 100 will therefore be awarded and administrations will have to publish their results annually.

What effects can we expect from the index?

The goals of this index are ambitious: not only to raise awareness, but above all to bring about concrete and measurable change in remuneration. Therefore, this tool could encourage public employers to rethink their procedures regarding the promotion and compensation of women and create a fairer working environment.

Sanctions guaranteeing change

To ensure that the index does not go unscathed, control mechanisms have been created, from transparency obligations to financial sanctions. Entities that do not meet the minimum score can thus be penalized, thereby guaranteeing the rigor of using the index.

Testimonials: Index seen by civil servants

The adoption of this measure by state officials is divided between optimism and skepticism. Some see it as a breakthrough that will have a real impact on their careers, while others question its effectiveness on a daily basis. The introduction of this index therefore raises hopes and questions in the public service.


The Equal Pay Index represents a significant innovation in the fight against the pay gap between men and women. Although it is still too early to assess its effectiveness, the political commitment and desire for transparency are strong signals in favor of equality in the public service. We will see how this tool develops and how it is perceived by the main stakeholders: civil servants themselves.

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