The petition demands the cancellation of the plan to sell hunting ammunition in newsagents

An online petition, which has already gathered almost 29,000 people, expresses its concern about the plan to sell hunting cartridges in tobacco shops. It calls for the cancellation of this measure, which is expected to be effective from 1ahem January 2024.

Previously reserved for gun shops, the sale of hunting ammunition could be allowed in newsagents from 1ahem January 2024. The declared aim of this measure is to allow tobacconists to diversify their product offering and at the same time prevent hunters from traveling long distances to find a gunsmith.

The announcement of this measure caused a wave of indignation on the part of opponents of hunting, animal protectionists(1) and public health entities(2). A resident of Sète (Hérault), Valentine Viaud, initiated an online petition to request the repeal of this measure. This petition has collected 28,890 signatures as of December 12, 2023. She emphasized the danger of this decision in terms of public safety.

Minimal training compared to armorers

The measure was discreetly announced on 22 November 2022 on the online channel Chassons TV by the head of the Central Service for Weapons and Explosives at the Ministry of the Interior. It would still be under development and would only apply to category C (hunting) and D (compressed air, paintball) ammunition. To be authorized to make these sales, tobacconists will have to complete a two-day training course and pass an exam. This new certification would replace the state rifleman’s diploma and rifleman’s professional qualification certificate that are required for riflemen. After consultation with the mayor of the village, tobacconists will also have to apply for a sales permit. Only hunters registered in the new Weapons Information System (SIA) will be able to benefit from it.

Subject safety of ammunition sales

Although the National Federation of Hunters (FNC) was presented as one of the beneficiaries of the measure, and although it welcomes it, it stated that it was not its originator, nor was it informed about it(3) . He also questions the lack of consultation and prior agreement with the Trade Union Chamber of Armourers. The number of gun shops in France has stabilized at about 800(4), hunters do not seem to suffer from a shortage of ammunition and can easily buy it online.

Although the measure appears to have been designed in consultation with the Confederation of Tobacco Retailers in order to diversify the activities of tobacco retailers, it raises several questions. At the center of the debates is the security of newsagents, which is already the subject of several measures of financial support from customs, while newsagents are among the most robbed shops. Those who sell hunting ammunition will therefore have to equip themselves with secure cabinets. These necessary investments and regulatory restrictions lead hunters to doubt the effective implementation of this measure at the beginning of 2024. It would thus be more of an electoral argument to attract the sympathies of hunters with regard to the next European elections.

The propensity of tobacconists to respect the rules can also be doubted when we consider that two-thirds of them agree to sell tobacco products to minors. The question of controls and compliance will thus arise in the same way for the sale of ammunition as for the sale of tobacco to minors.

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