The plane docked on the Marne: passenger hearings were canceled due to procedural irregularities

The hearings for the 300 Indian passengers who have been locked up at Châlons-Vatry airport in the Marne since Thursday 21 December have been canceled by the courts due to procedural irregularities.

After the plane was grounded at Châlons-Vatry airport to leave the Marne this Sunday, December 24, justice decided to cancel the hearing of the 300 Indian passengers due to procedural irregularities, we have learned. These hearings were conducted as part of an investigation launched by the Paris prosecutor’s office into suspected human trafficking.

This cancellation is mainly explained by the 11-hour waiting period between the time the plane was immobilized last Thursday and the seizure of the liberty and detention judge, which constitutes “a disproportionate violation of human rights”.

The courts already canceled the detention of the first passenger in the waiting area at noon for the same reasons.

“The procedure is completely irregular”

“I was surprised by what happened in the waiting room, people had to be informed of their rights and clearly this was not the case,” complains François Procureur, president of the Bar Association, on BFMTV. de Châlons, which specifies that all passengers should have access to an interpreter, a doctor and a counselor.

“We asked ourselves procedural questions and for us the procedure is completely irregular,” he adds, pointing to the lack of funds introduced by the state.

The plane should take off again this Monday morning at the latest. His destination is not yet known. It could go to India, where the passengers are from, to Nicaragua, its original destination, or even to Dubai, where it took off.

However, this cancellation of the hearing does not end the allegations of suspected human trafficking. The two passengers, who were found with a large amount of cash and the passports of the other passengers, are being held in police custody. This police custody can be extended until this Monday evening at most.

A source close to the case tells us the facts are difficult to characterize. To recall, the passengers, Indian nationals, claimed they were flying to Nicaragua for tourism purposes to visit the lakes there. Before returning to India, a week later.

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