Vinpai: Natural ingredients specialist Vinpai announces the success of its IPO

(BFM Bourse) – The natural ingredients specialist announces the success of its IPO, raising €7 million, the maximum amount expected for this operation. Vinpai will take its first steps on Euronext Growth next Wednesday.

Vinpai’s patience was rewarded. The specialist in natural ingredients for the food and cosmetics industry announced the success of its IPO on Thursday evening.

At the beginning of June 2022, the company based in Saint-Dolay in Morbihan already wanted to go public. She did not follow through in the following weeks and then changed her mind as market conditions deteriorated significantly.

So the second attempt was correct. The group raised a total of 7 million euros, which is the maximum amount expected for this operation. The Company exercised both its extension clause and its redistribution option. This amount includes 2.4 million euros as debt compensation.

In this context, 1.07 million new shares will be issued. In detail, the request concerned 908,596 securities from institutional investors within the overall placement.

Great success with individuals

The company is particularly pleased with the “big” success of the operation between individuals with a demand of more than 1 million euros. On the small holder side, demand actually represented 160,105 shares, or €1.05 million in the offer at a fixed price set at €6.55 when the operation was announced.

At the end of the transaction, Vinpai’s capital is 3,361,415 shares, representing a market capitalization of approximately 22 million euros. The settlement and transfer of shares is scheduled for Tuesday, July 18, and negotiations will begin the following day, Wednesday, July 19.

More nature on a plate

Vinpai, founded in 2011, for Verbeïa (Celtic goddess of growth) ingredients Intermediate food product (PAI) – is a company that designs, manufactures and sells the basis for products of daily consumption for professionals in the food industry, composed of algae, plants, minerals or spinning plants. The company intends to do well as consumers become more and more aware of the quality of the food they eat or the beauty products they apply to their skin.

Vinpai hopes to achieve a turnover of close to 16 million euros in 2025, while achieving an EBITDA (gross operating surplus) margin of more than 10% by that date, “driven by strong and persistent consumer trends and with clear strategic axes to accelerate its commercial conquest.”

The Brittany specialist in natural ingredients therefore joins Osmosun, which is quite satisfactory for its first week on the market. The Seawater Desalination Specialist title shows profits of 87% over the introductory price set at €6.50.

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