What is Siranna, Saudi Arabia’s new extravagant project?

Siranna is a new project that is part of Neom, an area of ​​Saudi Arabia that is set to host its futuristic cities. After The Line, Trojena and Oxagaon, Siranna is also the subject of debate.

Is it an organ in the desert, or a natural feature like the Giant’s Causeway? Nothing like that. Computer generated images show what must be an ultra-luxury hotel, built in the middle of the Saudi desert. Siranna, just announced by Saudi Arabia, is a project that is part of Neom, a large area of ​​the country’s territory dedicated to experiments on ” the city of the future » and luxury tourism.

Following The Line, a 170 km long dystopian city; Oxagon, a floating city on the Red Sea; or Trojena, a ski resort in the middle of the desert; the construction of Siranna was announced on November 29, 2023. This new location, which must be ” another example of Neom’s uncompromising efforts to promote sustainable living » In reality, however, it does not respond to ecological logic and its main goal is to give the country a new image.

An environmentally friendly hotel designed for the ultra-rich

As with all of Neom’s other projects, there aren’t many details available about Siranna. We only know that the famous building with its peculiar shape, which recalls the creation of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, will house a hotel ” 65 rooms that offer a higher level of luxury ”, as well as 35 private residences. A beach club, wellness center and hiking trails must also be built. Siranna is to be built in the Gulf of Aqaba, a region in northwest Saudi Arabia, opposite the Sinai Peninsula and Egypt.

Siranna, a new Saudi project in Neom // Source: Neom / YouTube
Promotional images of the hotel promise an impressive environment // Source: Neom / YouTube
Promotional images of the hotel promise an impressive environment // Source: Neom / YouTube

Not much else is known and we have to rely on the images shown in a few presentation videos Neom’s X account get more details. So we can see in the report that Siranna would like to use holograms, especially to hold classes that look like yoga or gymnastics. There is no mention of this technology on the Siranna section of the Neom website – so it could be wishful thinking.

Will there really be holograms in Siranna?  // Source: X / Neom
Siranna wants people to believe there will be holograms in her hotel // Source: X / Neom

However, given Neom’s technological ambitions, holograms could very well be part of Siranna’s plans. Indeed, all the projects announced so far are imbued with new technologies. The Line must rely on artificial intelligence and hyper-fast trains to run the city’s infrastructure, the Oxagon must float on water and be a futuristic manufacturing center, and the Trojena must build a mysterious area under the lake thanks to ” advanced technology “.

At the moment, although the work is progressing, none of these cities have revealed a more concrete explanation of how they will function in the future thanks to these new technologies. So we don’t know how the Oxagon will actually sail or be built, the high-speed trains needed for The Line don’t yet exist, and AI is just starting to be integrated into companies – so there’s no telling whether Neom will be able to benefit from it in time.

These are not the only reasons why Neom is controversial: the various cities are mainly accused of being environmental disasters, especially The Line, which will disturb the fauna and flora over a huge area. It’s the same for other cities, including Siranna. By setting up a luxury hotel in a desert area where endemic species have been able to thrive for centuries without human contact, Neom relentlessly modifies the entire environment. The sudden arrival of construction equipment and subsequently tourists to the area will undoubtedly leave some consequences.

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