Who are the (really) richest French people? Capital’s 2024 rankings

Let’s start with the big absentee of the year! For the twelfth time in 2022, Patrick Drahi will not appear in our new list of the biggest fortunes in France. Let’s reassure the worried reader: Altice’s boss remains a multi-billionaire. However, having been built on credit for years, its telecoms group now feels threatened by a mountain of debt while interest rates have skyrocketed again. “It doesn’t make much sense to accurately value your heritage in its terms», estimates financial expert Benoît Boussemart, who creates this ranking every year. As for Jean-Charles Naouri (Casino), he also struggled with worrying debt in 2019, so we prefer to temporarily suspend the assessment of the French-Israeli tycoon.

This is undoubtedly the main difference between our charts and those of our competitors. There can be no talk of risky estimates if the conditions of the analysis are not serious. Shares held by families in personal holding companies in France and abroad, debts, the development of share prices leveled over time to avoid fluctuations in the stock market, etc.

Our exclusive ranking

Our top 100 professional assets are based only on verifiable data. Of course, this preoccupation with accuracy has its downsides. Some families for which information does not exist or is too fragmentary are not included, such as the Guerlains, Hennessys or Primates. And the rapid ups and downs of the economy, up or down, are sometimes hard to capture. It may take several months for the impact to be reflected in the accounts.

This means that at the end of September, our calculations are already sufficiently convincing. With their assets increasing by more than 20% on average, our wealthiest families have just had a great year, helped by a strong stock market performance despite an uncertain economy and rising international tensions. This trend is not new: five years ago, the assets of the last one on our list were 750 million euros. This year ? 1.19 billion euros. That’s almost a 60% increase…


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The method of our investigation

Our financial expert Benoît Boussemart created this classification based on the most recent documents published by the companies themselves (consolidated financial statements, corporate financial statements, amendments to articles of association, etc.). With this information, he was able to accurately estimate the value of the shares held by the families in question, minus any debts they might have.

For listed companies, the valuation was made by the average of the share price on the last day of the month of June to September 2023 compared to the same average last year. Unlisted companies were examined based on their performance in 2022, complemented where possible by performance in the first half of 2023. They were then awarded the ratios applied to their sector.


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